Market Info

Festança’s Market – Info to the participants

Please read carefully all the information about your participation in Festança’s 2023 Market.

Check-in and check-out schedules

Check-in for setting up: 1st of August, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

NOTE: You can enter with your car during this time to set up your stand, but once is done you will have to leave the site again and park it in the car parking.

Check-out for dismantling: from the 6th of August, starting at 6 pm.

NOTE: You will not be able to enter the site with your vehicle. You can only do it from the 7th of August.


Half of your stand’s payment should be done until the 30th of June, and this payment serves as confirmation of your coming to Festança. The other half is paid as soon as you arrive at the festival site on the 1st of August to set up your stand, or during it.

If your application had been accepted after the 30th of June, please make the payment up to 2 days later after the date you have been accepted.

Handicrafts: you pay 30€ until the 30th of June, and the rest when you’ll arrive at the festival
Food: you pay 60€ until the 30th of June, and the rest when you’ll arrive at the festival

NOTE: If more people come with you to work at the stand (up to a maximum of 2 more besides you), add the cost of €20 per person, and this payment is made upon arrival at the festival, and not in advance. If the person(s) you are bringing with you do(es) not come to work at the stand, we ask that they buy a regular ticket, as in the future you may be prevented from bringing people with you to work at the festival.

There are 2 possible payment methods:

1) By MB WAY system, to the phone number 910913678. NOTE: If you choose this method, please mention the name of your project on the payment note so that we can identify you.

2) By bank transfer to the IBAN: PT50 0035 0597 0007 9302 2306 7 . NOTE: If you choose this method, please mention the name of your project on the payment note so that we can identify you, or send us the proof of payment to

If you have chosen to rent a table or electricity from us for your use during the festival, this payment will be made upon your arrival at the festival.


Festança is a festival with a very big natural design concept so the more natural and alternative your stall is, the more you contribute to your stall being a success, and therefore you contribute to keeping you and Festança in the hearts of many people.

The stall that best follows the principles reported here will not pay the participation fee, and will be chosen by all market participants!

We do everything to make it possible for all stalls to be illuminated, through camp lights, to create a very beautiful environment. However, there may be situations where you need more lighting, and then it’s best for you to ask us for the extra use of electricity that has a cost of 10€ for all the festival time. That amount is due when you arrive at the festival.

NOTE: In the case you need extra use of electricity, you need to bring your own lights.

The cost for accessing the power grid is 10€, to be paid upon arrival at the site. Whatever the situation, to light up the stall, to use it for the laptop, or even to use it to cook or something else, it costs that. Please, if you haven’t already indicated this in the registration form you filled for the market, and you want access to electricity, please get in touch with us.

Yes, you can, but remember that you have to do everything possible so that it does not occupy more than 4m2.

The maximum area you can occupy is 4 m2. If you have a caravan to sell food, please contact us.

Festival activities start at 8 am and run until midnight/1 am. During this period you are more likely to sell, but you choose your schedule.

There has usually been no problem leaving things in the stall overnight, but obviously if you think you have valuables that you don’t want to leave in the stall, don’t.

Festança has security at night, but it is always good practice to use your instincts, despite Festança being a quiet place.


However, if you wish so, we can provide you with a chair and a table (classroom table), with an extra cost of €10 for all the festival days, to be paid when you arrive at the festival site. Note that it is necessary to notify us in advance that you need this material, given the limitation of the number of tables and chairs we have, if you haven’t yet done it before while filling the registration form for the market. Thanks.

Other things

Yes, come fully prepared with change for the festival, as you will need it.

You can take people with you to help with the sales. Each extra person costs €20, and you can come with a maximum of 2 people in addition to you. If the extra person(s) coming are not going to help, the festival reserves the right to reject extra people in the future from you. We recommend that if you want to bring someone who is not going to help with the stall, that someone buys the normal entrance ticket. If you want to bring children up to 12 years old, there is no extra cost.

In order to generate entry tickets for the adults and children who come, we need you to send us the name and date of birth of each one to Tickets are generated after payment of the 1st tranche.

There may be proven situations where a team has more than 3 people. For these situations, please contact us.

Please, check it here.

Any other extra doubt, you know: info@festanca

See you soon!