What to bring

What to bring

What to bring

– ID card to verify ticket

At Festança you will be able to camp, so bring all the necessary material if you are planning it, and enjoy a nice time with @your friends and many other people from this world full of knowledge!


– Tent, mattress and sleeping bag
– Recipient for storing water
– Eco-friendly toothpaste, soap and shampoos
– Towel, fresh clothes, warm clothes and waterproof
– Flashlight

It is offered food to buy in Festança, so you can eat peacefully, in this beautiful day.

– Music instruments
– Juggling instrument
– Slackline
– Games
– Blankets
– Hammock

There is no ATM inside the festival’s site. You will have access to an ATM in the center of Ancede, about 1 km from the site.

If you want to pay for your ticket when you arrive, to buy food, or to buy at the eco market, you will need to come prepared in advance. Note: Some sellers might have the system called MB Way.

What not to bring

At Festança we love animals! For that reason, we ask you not to bring your pets, as it is not allowed to bring them into Festival grounds, except for guiding dogs for blind people, and for those who bring a caravan, who can leave the animal in the caravan park inside Festança’s site. Walks with the animals must however be done outside of the festival’s site, and the animal cannot go to the rest of the site.

Not only have there been problems with lost dogs in the past, as well as dog fights, but also keep in mind that the sun, dehydration, noise and crowd density can increase stress and health problems for our beloved animals. For these reasons, pets are not allowed to enter. Be friends with your pet and he will thank you.

A family member or a friend is a good idea to leave your dog only for 1 day. Surely you will find a solution.

Please avoid bringing any disposable objects, such as synthetic soap or detergents, as Festança has a very ecological philosophy. Bring your own natural soap, or you can buy one or a similar at the festival’s market.

Please do not bring glass containers, as they can break and hurt anyone who walks barefoot on the ground!

Sound systems disturb the camping neighbors and the normal functioning of the festival, so please do not bring it.

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