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Basically is someone who is the face of Festança for those interested in coming to Festança, more than someone who sells tickets for Festança. He is someone who likes to interact with the others, and who knows everything, or almost everything, about Festança!

We are waiting for you!

Yes! Of course there are a number of attributes that we value, such as the positive way of interacting with people and other things present in the form below. Above all, we want you to enjoy what you are going to do and to enjoy being proactive.

We are waiting for you!

Yes, it is. Having a shop allows you to look and to offer Festança’s tickets to potential people. It is not a pre-requisite to have a shop to be an ambassador, but of course, if you have a shop you might have an increasing chance to sell the tickets.

Yes! You will get a percentage for each ticket sold by you. After you are chosen as a Festança ambassador, we will give you all the information.

Yes! The important thing is that you live in that place. In Portugal we will have one/two ambassador(s) per region, while abroad there will be a maximum of one ambassador per country.

Do you want to be an ambassador?