The story festanca 2022

The story

Festança 2022

In the 2022 edition, Festança had the presence, in terms of music, of Woven Kin (which featured Ajeet Kaur), Terra Livre, Till Sunday Pirate, Kabeção, Meru, Barro Negro, among others. Regarding to permaculture, Hélder Valente and Zee Barn left a deep impression on those who visited Festança. The full program and website of Festança 2022 can be found here.

The spirit of travelling, brought from the experience of HitchFest where backpackers from all over the world hitchhiked to Portugal to carry out multicultural artistic activities, was the beginning. Festança is the culmination of these experiences in the desire to create down roots.

Between July 30 and August 3, 2022, in Ancede, the conditions were found to plant this project, with a different maturity. Days full of music, permaculture, workshops, lectures, performances, story sharing, and organic food, promoting bonds between participants!

More about the different editions

More about the different editions

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