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Press Kit Festança 2023

Festança 2023

2 to 6 August

Ancede, Baião (PT)

Press Release

Festival Festança 2023, five days of music, performing arts, river and nature, different workshops, with permaculture and its practices at the forefront.  

Natural life and inclusion set the tone for a multicultural programme, based on local traditions and knowledge, with world music, and from a perspective of self-sufficiency and permaculture. A multicultural and intergenerational space, with special admission conditions for “families”. The camping/caravanning park, and the entire festival grounds, are located in the middle of a natural environment, offering places of freshness and shade, leafy vegetation and a bathing area. The ancient Bridge of Esmoriz is the starting point for different pedestrian routes, which make it possible to visit unique natural and heritage sites.

With the program for the 2023 edition being finalised, Festança is already pleased to highlight:

World Music: The announce of six big names. Thus, on the 2nd of August, the opening act of the festival will be up to Terra Livre – a group that reflects in their music the concerns with the sustainability of our planet and that practice permaculture; on the 3rd of August, the animation will be in charge of Sebastião Antunes and his more than three decades of experience crossing the traditional universe with the most diverse musical styles; the 4th of August is reserved for the ethereal and delicate voice of Emmy Curl, who is celebrating 15 years of career this year and, therefore, will give a very special concert, and for Pablo Carpintero, the great Galician master, known to everyone as a musician, builder of traditional musical instruments and researcher in this area, with the concert “Música e Evolucion”. On Saturday, the 5th of August, all eyes will be on the hypnotic desert blues of Moroccan Tarwa N-Tiniri, who will certainly be one of the best moments of the festival and, to finish off in true festivity, we will have a magical performance given by Olive Tree Dance duo on Sunday, the 6th of August, which promises to make people dance, as soon as Renato Oliveira starts playing his didgeridoo.

Permaculture: With the presence of the great Portuguese herbalist Fernanda Botelho, the great permaculturist Hélder Valente, and of the possibility of visiting the festival’s vegetable garden. Also noteworthy are the workshops of cob sculpture; of a structure using the “earthship” technique, which uses tires and cob; and of a natural cob floor.

Travelling: The incredible story of Jorge Paiva and his guiding dog Zangão, who traveled Europe alone, despite Jorge’s blindness, as well as the presentation of the hitchhiking trip around the world for 401 days. Also noteworthy is the presence of the international platform Worldpackers, which allows travelers from all over the world to interact with volunteering and permaculture.

Forestlings area: Activities around permaculture, aimed at children and families, promoting contact with nature, sustainability practices, and local heritage.

We invite, from now on, those who feel in tune with the vision and energy of Festança to come to the festival so that we can spend days together that will surely remain in the memory of all of us, through the link or

Festança is organised by the Youth Association Generations in Transition and has the support of multiple entities and platforms, including the support of the Parish Council of Ancede and the Municipality of Baião, as well as of the international platorm for travellers Worldpackers.

It should also be noted that 1% of the total revenue from the ticket sales for Festança 2023 goes to the Forestlings community project, which takes place in the nearby municipality of Amarante.

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Relavant FAQs about the support to Forestlings project

Actions are more important than words, and that is why Festança has a great social responsibility, especially in the community where it operates. That’s the community and cooperative spirit.

As we strongly believe in the Forestlings philosophy, because we identify ourselves with its values and passion, we know that this money will be well spent!

For these reasons, 1% of the revenue from Festança’s ticket sales goes to the Forestlings project, which takes place in Amarante, very close to Ancede, and which needs our help to become a settled reality!

In short, Forestlings is a learning community offering family friendly educational activities and events.

Within their farm, they are developing the forest and creating a child focused learning space where they will open a forest school for children aged 2 to 6, aswell as offering activities to homeschooled children aged 6 to 12.

Alongside this, we host a variety of educational activities and events for children and families. Covering a range of topics towards a more sustainable lifestyle for the individual, the community and the planet.

Let’s help Forestlings become a settled reality!

More information about Forestlings here.

The Forestlings project has its bases in the municipality of Amarante, in the north of Portugal, 30km away from Área de Lazer de Ancede, the site of the festival.

The recently created Association Forestlings – Learn in the Nature is the entity behind the project. It was created by a group of enthusiasts for the community and people.

Gallery by Luísa Freixo – Festança 2022

Contacts for the press

Coordinator of Comunication – Gabriela Teixeira (tel. 912715422)

Coordenators of the festival – Frederico Moreira (tel. 964091899) e Vasco Monterroso (tel. 919004113)

Email –


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