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Festança is made by and for the benefit of the community, and this brings immense challenges that make us want to cooperate and relate! That is why we need your support so that we can reward the pleasurable work of the entire team and artists, and to create the infrastructure that reflect Festança’s ecological philosophy.

We want to be a self-sufficient festival, and because of that, we do not want to depend on monetary support that does not follow the philosophy of the festival, nor that forces us to be dependent in any way. Thus, only by building a solid base, edition after edition, we will be able to manage our own self-financing sustainability to organise Festança.

The festival has a strong sense of supporting what is local and ecological, and for us that is the only way we will contribute to a dynamic that does not finance the corporate and monopolising entities that dominate the economy not only in Portugal, but throughout the world. Thank you for your support!

Entrance Kit

More info soon… stay tuned!

Festança for all

More info soon… stay tuned!

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