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Infos about the tickets

You can buy Festança’s tickets in 3 different phases, explained below.

When you get a ticket you are also getting the admission kit of the festival:

From Oct 9 to Dec 10 2021
From Dec 11 2021 to Fev 27 2022
From Fev 28 to Jun 26 2022
5 days
whole event – Jul 30 to Aug 3 2022
30 Festinhas *
38 Festinhas
45 Festinhas
1 day
day(s) of choice – Jul 30 to Aug 3 2022
15 Festinhas *2
up to 12 years old
300 admissions *1
by donation
Check 3rd phase *1
Check 3rd phase *1
Free donation *1
* Besides meaning little caresses in portuguese, Festinha is our local currency. 1 Festinha equals 1 euro. When more than 1 (for plural), we say Festinhas.
*1 300 admissions starting on the 3rd phase – check the upper tab “Festança for all” for more info.
*2 Price is per day.


Why an admission fee to get in Festança?

Festança is made by and for the benefit of the community, and this brings immense challenges that make us want to cooperate and relate! That is why we need your support so that we can reward the pleasurable work of the entire team and artists, and to create the infrastructure that reflect Festança’s ecological philosophy.

We want to be a self-sufficient festival, and because of that, we do not want to depend on monetary support that does not follow the philosophy of the festival, nor that forces us to be dependent in any way. Thus, only by building a solid base, edition after edition, we will be able to manage our own self-financing sustainability to organise Festança.

The festival has a strong sense of supporting what is local and ecological, and for us that is the only way we will contribute to a dynamic that does not finance the corporate and monopolising entities that dominate the economy not only in Portugal, but throughout the world.

Following those principles, we decided to have a paid admission, where you also get an admission kit, as a small memory of Festança! Thank you for your support!

Festança for all

Festança is a festival based on the community and on the cooperative spirit, and therefore, allows you to participate as a festival-goer or as a volunteer.

If you are unable to support the festival by acquiring the admission kit, we offer another way, 300 single entries by donation (starting on the 3rd phase), and 20 entries as a volunteer. To be able to access one of these entries (it is available from October 2021), you just need to choose the option that best suits you on the upper tab “Get Admission Kit” for booking Festança’s admission.

In case of entries by donation, this is exactly what we desire from you, a conscious donation, as the festival needs your support to take place, and to create all the conditions for you to enjoy Festança’s experience! We ask that, if you are able to acquire the regular admission, to do so, as there are certainly more “rooters” eager to come to Festança who are not able to do so by regular admission!

Regarding admission as a volunteer, we see this position as very important, as volunteers are the soul of the festival, and therefore, we ask you to approach all of this with dedication and passion, and not only as a free opportunity to come to the festival.

Thanks for your understanding!

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