Terra Livre


It all starts with a seed. Or is it not? A cycle has no beginning and no ending. It repeats itself, but never in the same way – It’s an infinite spiral. Their album “Sementes, Raízes, Flores e Frutos” is a tribute to natural cycles, the four seasons and the four directions. Lisbon’s multicultural influence is evident when listening to Jamaican Reggae with melodies that can be from the Balkans, Ethiopia or Eritrea. Desert Blues with a taste of Indian Folk and American Funk, or even a Moroccan Gnawa with traces of Portuguese music and Rock experimentalism. Each song is a unique experience, without revealing what genre the next track will be.

Terra Livre’s debut album – “Seeds, Roots Flowers and Fruits” was released in early 2019, with the participation of Manu Chao, among other collaborations by distinguished artists. This eclectic journey begins with songs from around the world and continues on a quest to discover what “Earth Music” sounds like. Their sound mixes simplicity with psychedelia, mestizo with mysticism, ecology and activism, singing awareness and diversity in a tone.

Terra Livre wanted to bring people who are part of this movement (even if they don’t know it). The outstanding Manu Chao immerses himself in the “Dance of the Seed”, a hymn to the freedom of the seed. Silvério Pessoa, the Pernambuco singer of the award-winning band “Cascabulho” and also with a successful solo career, reinforces the universality of the song “Mãe Terra”. Also on this journey are the Algerian singer – Nazim Lachachi, beside the horns of Kumpania Algazarra, and the percussionists of Terrakota – Nataniel Melo, Paulo das Cavernas and Márcio Pinto.

The band consists of Gonçalo Sarmento, Leo Marsh, and Rodrigo Cordomar, three singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, who join forces with Adri Dias Pereira, master in wind and electronics, and with a solid rhythm section composed by Pedro Pereira, and James Santos.

Created in 2010, the Terra Livre project brings together a collective of multi-instrumentalists inspired by the cycles of Nature, materialising in songs that express the desire to be one with the Earth. The show is a moment of harmony that shares the love for different cultures. Terra Livre have some of its elements that belong to the Terrakota band.

Terra Livre

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