Sowing in Permaculture

Sowing in Permaculture course

Sowing in Permaculture course with Henrique Bastos

Reputable permaculturist with 42 years of experience and projects carried out globally

Information about the course below

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Program of the course

Saturday and Sunday

1) Identification of species

2) Collection

3) Drying

4) Packaging

5) Conservation

6) Germination test

7) Soil preparation

8) Germination containers

9) Preparation of seeds for germination

10) Processes for logding the seeds in the soil

11) Covering the seeds with soil

12) Watering the seeds

13) Seed protection – net or shade net

Saturday evening

Lecture with projection of permaculture projects made around the world and explanation of concepts – by Henrique Bastos

Lunch and Dinner

Saturday and Sunday


Selecta Bob Figurante (throughout the day) – Reggae, Afrobeat

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About Henrique

“My purpose and mission is to pass on ancestral techniques and ecological knowledge to future generations.”

— Henrique Bastos, Permacultor