Selecta Bob Figurante


As Selecta (or DJ in common slang), the Mozambican Bob Figurante is without a doubt one of the greatest and tireless promoters of this culture in Portugal (Reggae), needing no introduction. Based in Porto, he is one of Kussondulola Soundsystem’s Selectas (DJ) and national/international promoter, as well as production assistant for the band Kussondulola since 1995.

Having been awarded the status of Reggae ambassador in Portugal, he is an unavoidable figure thanks to his in-depth knowledge and dedication/dissemination of this musical culture and philosophy since the late 1980s. In addition to being a deep connoisseur and lover of Jamaican musical culture, he enters into the musical styles of jazz, funk, and afrobeat.

Selecta Bob Figurante

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