Festança is and will always be supreme!

The feast is and will always be supreme!

Festança (as we wanted it and as it should be) won’t happen in 2021.

We are living in challenging times with direct effects on the way we interact and connect with each other. Making Festança follow the restrictions which are imposed on us doesn’t make sense, because we want everyone to appreciate the experience and to connect with each other.

Thus, Festança (the huge feast) will come back stronger in 2022!

Stay in touch and connect with our networks during these days!

This is Festança:

Following Festança’s philosophy, we are not fostering fear, but instead awareness. A simple hug with a wide open smile is the basis of Festança! Preventing us from experiencing life this way, simply doesn’t make sense.

Lately, all of our freedom of choice is being tested. Most of what didn’t make any sense before, has strangely begun to become normal.

We are facing greater control on our decision making, and on the acceptance of different points of view, bringing us to less freedom of choice.

All the vagueness that the emerging context brings us, deprives us from celebrating life as it should be celebrated!

We want a Festança:

  • With no obligation to use masks nor to keep social distance
  • With freedom of movement for whoever wants to come here, from home or abroad
  • With no obligation to take tests or be vaccinated, so people can consciously and freely chose what they want

Even in our team there are different opinions concerning what we are living through, and that’s healthy. The main thing is that our way of being remains the same, as well as our vision and our philosophy, and for that motive we continue to follow and to be faithful to those same principles.

We are extremely grateful for the support demonstrated by many of you, who conveyed to us great empathy and agreement with the decisions taken. Thus we just have to be happy that we are such a close-knit family.

This is the Festança that is coming and that is waiting for all of us!

Many of you were familiar with HitchFest – the hitchhiking festival, our predecessor, and you know how important it was for the festival to have access to donations from all of you. After all, our community is what makes the party happen! With Festança it won’t be different, but we have chosen to have an admission kit that allows us to organise the festival in a simpler and more self-sufficient way!!

It is our philosophy to be as independent as possible from a system that often tends to stifle freedom of expression at public events, so we have chosen this path to tread our own independent direction at a monetary level, without having to rely mainly on institutions that can demarcate what is presented in the festival program.

When rescheduling the festival, we also decided to take this self-reliance into account and create a basis for the upcoming editions, because after all, Festança requires continuity. For this reason, we are establishing partnerships with like-minded entities that share our vision, and above all are within our community, to offer you something very special (within our philosophy) – more news will appear in the next few days!!

This is how we are creating the conditions for this self-sufficiency of circular mutual help among those whom we collaborate with, and for that, we are counting on you!!


Unity makes us stronger and more generous, and that’s why in these moments we are and continue to be together!

Creating Roots after Hitchhiking

The Festança team

We are grateful!

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