Concerts and Performances

Mais acerca das artistas do HitchFest 2019:

Panelas Depressão

Ingredients: 250ml of rock n’roll, 2g of cheap techno, 30cl of carnivalesque punk, 500g of heavy organic plumb, two table spoons of confusion and eroticism. Preparation: put all the ingredients in the depression cooker, stir well and bring to boil. Serve hot. Bom apetite!


Beats and Melodies from African roots arrive to the dance floors. MAGuPi is the solo project from Márcio Pinto (Terrakota, Olivetreedance, Zumauniverse, Los Negros, Bate&Bala)


Since 1998 discovering the healing power of music by connecting with Source energy. Born in porto, busked through Europe on a caravan, and backpacked through South America until the jungle. Travels and experiences that enrich our songs and sounds of the world. We share all on a journey to dance, unite and open our hearts!

Sharp Knives

Lisbon based DIY anarcho punk band who forgot to pay their electricity bills. Transposing our hopes, fears, doubts, frustrations, inconsistencies & dreams to words, screaming them out loud as self-empowerment, travelling and playing, we hope to create an affinity network of friends, while standing together against all forms of authority, coercion & oppression.

Mr Bubble

It were 7 months travelling around Europe and filling the public spaces with his electronic music. A loop station, a little amp, a portable keyboard, rechargeable batteries. A live act, a trip, a here and now, a sound bubble.


If Erykah Badu, Björk, Amy Winehouse, Kimbra and Portishead (the whole band formation from 1997) all made love in this giant orgy until a musical baby was born and gave that baby a Valium, that baby would be iamLawn. A musicial creature that exists to transport you to another reality, a prettier one, a magical one. Her solo show is designed to leave you breathless. Hold onto your seats!

Grupo de Cavaquinhos de Caíde De Rei

Group of apprentices of the portuguese cavaquinho. Traditional portuguese music / folklore.


Lousad’Arrufar were born in April 2010 in the same village that hosts the HitchFest – Macieira, in Lousada. With pedagogical and artistic direction of CAISA-Cooperativa de Artes, Intervenção Social e Animação, they took part in several festivals, traditional percussion events and shows all over the country. They melt traditional rhythms with more modern languages, as well as with a strong connection to performing arts. Lousad’Arrufar have as of today about 30 elements, from 4 to 45 years old.

Homem nuvem

Some instruments, one man only. In a live and interconnected moment, with nothing pre-defined to show, one dives in an unknown journey, route rooted in improvisation, searching to capture and transmit the present sound. Influenced by several latitudes of the globe, he sings and plays to the flaveur of the sensitivity and the energy of the moment. He channels ancestral atmospheres, in a walk to the roots of music, which, after all, live inside all of us. Homem Nuvem is not a musical project, but a sharing expressive moment, where everyone and everything has its influence.

Xicassa Bizarra

Bewildered Bizarre, so sang the cicada, while smoking a beautiful cigarette and playing a beautiful guitar. -“Ahhh wonderful! I am daughter of the Drama, the night and the day!” And so, like a saint, like a cricket, in the milled of the fields, in the middle of the town. “What a son! Bastard! He isn’t even from this planet! But he got a ticket and came by butterfly!”. Now, half cicada half cricket, goes for mourning, goes for mantra. -“Ahhh what an irony! I sang what I say, and live what I said! I laugh about it and it laughs about me!” Knowing himself witness of a contract made between the devil and the son… of that so called God, who now is also fadista! -“Ahhh good and I re-incarnated in a meaningless cicada who bizarre bewildered sings!”



Hi, we are Barananu; a band !?

Smoked Falmon

Solo musical project with a guitar and space effects in an introspective tone. It creates sound landscapes where chaotic melancholy and melodic psychedelic are hand in hand to guide this inter-dimensional journey.inter-dimensional.

Célia Sr – ConSerto Experiência Meditativa

This concert is an invitation to the presence of music, meditation and silence in a form of concert, to fix, heal, and calm down each one’s interior! With the challenge of everyone participating in the best way she feels, if she feels, from her present moment. I propose an expressive, sensitive and intuitive journey. An experience from chants, meditation exercices, spiritual tales and reflexions for each one to enter their deepest interior to meet the shadow and allow the purest essence to blossom. Creating a work of expansion of consciousness beyond the known limits, letting the heart vibrate and healing.



Protest noise, somewhere between punk and hardcore!

Hele Helft e Manuel Rosales



Helena Helft was born in Argentina, she studied singing in the Conservatory of Pouplar Music of Argentina (EMPA), and she fall in love with her country’s and her continent’s folklore. In her trips through Latin America, she harvested songs which now take part of her repertoire. Manuel Rosales, guitarist and singer, finished his studies in the EMPA and just recorded his first solo album. His songs reflect the influences from south american folklore (namely argentinian, brasilien and peruvien) and african roots of blues, in Mali and Northern Africa. Hele and Manu meet now to play together: with voices, harmonies, guitars and percussions, a repertoire full of stories, tales and experiences.

Selecta Higgla – Roots Reggae Dub Dancehall


I’ve debuted as Selecta in 2011 with Giddi Fyah. I left in 2012 to get mor autonomy and deepen the knowledge of reggae and soundsystem’s culture and Rasta devotion. I love transmitting to the audience and positive and conscious message about Rastafari and sound system culture, which was needed to Jamaica in a time of its history – a time that insists to come back in the current context. In each reggae variant I try to make the best selection in vinyl to create a good environment where everyone can have fun and evolve consciously from the society we live in.



Dj set performance based on a adventurous trip around the world. The music selection foes from irish traditional, polka, balcan beats, cumbia, afrobeat, rock and so forth. Everything that makes me travel to a certain place and culture fits.

DJ Nikhita

Vegan. Passionate about free dancing, Animals, gifting, Travelling, Wild Nature. She started in Cinema as director assistant. As a director she created and filmed campaigns such as Unchainmee – “Cada Animal Preso no Circo tem uma Cara” and “Um Passo em Frente” – for a new law of Animal protection in Portugal. 

João Diogo Leitão

one day I set out hitchhiking through Europe with a backpack and a braguesa guitar. she was my companion, confidant, source of income, source of shelters, the key to so many smiles and exchange currency for so much kindness. together we sang Zeca Afonso through alleys and squares. and then I began to hide my voice and leave the braguesa in a shy soliloquy. the first songs were born still on the road. I went home, my home. and music would come up in my body, restless and urgent. I slowly tried to tame her. these are her most recent steps, the first cataclysmic impact and the aftershocks that have followed in recent months

Sun Mammuth

Psychadelic Stoner Rock Instrumental, made in Lousada



Dance, movement, hypnotizing handling with fire.

and more…!